Baby Shoe Charms

Ga-ga Glamorous

When you’re looking for an extraordinary gift for a new parent, something unique, luxurious, and sentimental, look no further than our iconic Aaron Basha baby shoe collection. They are truly a timeless keepsake to be treasured forever.

Equal parts elegant and whimsical in their design, Aaron Basha baby shoes started off as a design that created a storm of popularity, a trend that, years later, has become a classic gift to honor the birth of a child. Each baby shoe charm in our collection has a personality all its own, meticulously crafted in fine metals and finishes, each embellished with the Aaron Basha stamp. Each shoe can also be engraved with the new baby’s name and birth date, making them infinitely personal.

Whether you prefer a design to gift or get in solid 18K white or yellow gold or lean toward a pastel enamel option with diamond accents, we have just the style you’re looking for. In fact, we love our collection so much, we love hearing that it’s hard to make a choice.

Of course, our baby shoes can be ordered directly on our website, but you can also see them for yourself in our stunning Madison Avenue showroom in NYC. If you’re in the area, please stop in. We’d love to meet you.

Baby Girl Shoe Charms

Each baby girl shoe charm has a unique and adorable style all its own. Looking for something a little more classic with a simple elegance to commemorate the birth of a girl? Our pale pink enamel baby shoe charm with 18K white or yellow gold and diamond accents is a popular choice. An even more feminine option is our diamond bow style, available in several color combinations from two-tone to polka dots, to flower motifs in single or multiple colors—even a bright and beautiful, standout red. We even offer a saddle shoe style with ladybug accents, a rubber duckie style, and an evil eye option in blues. Check out all of the available styles.

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Baby Boy Shoe Charms

Our baby shoe charms aren’t limited to styles to celebrate the addition of a girl to a family. Our baby boy shoe charms delight in classic patterns such as our popular and preppy gingham pattern tie shoe. Our masculine saddle shoe style in several shades of blue or classic black and white is also appropriate, as well as a more current loafer style. Looking for even more personality? Our streamlined sport shoe is a newer option to consider. Playful styles such as our rubber duckie shoe in light blue and yellow enamel are sure winners. Find the perfect baby shoe charm to celebrate the birth of a baby boy .

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One of the best attributes of our Aaron Basha baby shoe collection is its styling ability. You can choose to wear charms singly or in multiples. Consider a simply elegant statement with just one baby shoe on a sparkling chain. If you’re wearing multiples, you can add spacers or opt to fashion the charms onto a bracelet instead. Looking to make an even bigger statement? Consider our safety pin necklace to call special attention to these beautifully crafted jewelry pieces.

Done exploring and have a question? Check out some frequently asked questions here, such as information on custom designing a shoe charm, how to place a special order, plus information on how to clean our baby shoe jewelry, engraving costs, and enamel replacement. Still need some help? Give us a call at 212.644.1970. We’d love to answer any questions you have so you can enjoy your Aaron Basha Baby Shoe experience to its fullest.