Piece of the Week: Aaron Basha’s ‘Love Is My Religion’ Pendant

By Ashley Davis
Aaron Basha’s latest design is sending a message of togetherness, making it just the right talisman for turbulent times.

The company’s “Love Is My Religion” pendant, designed by Regine Basha, brand manager and daughter of the eponymous founder, consists of a gold medallion with a cut-out heart surrounded by various religious and spiritual symbols, ranging from a yin-yang to a cross to a Star of David, among others.

“To me, it illustrates how love is the underlying essence of all religions and is something that unites us all, no matter what we believe in,” Basha explained.

The unifying message couldn’t come at a better time, as the world is gripped by the coronavirus.

In response, Basha is donating 15 percent of sales of the medallion to Robin Hood’s COVID-19 relief initiative, which provides emergency support like food and housing to vulnerable communities in New York City, the current worldwide coronavirus epicenter.

A native New Yorker herself, Basha said the medallion’s design was inspired by the look of the subway tokens she used in her childhood.

Each pendant is hand-crafted in gold vermeil over sterling silver and accented with diamonds. It comes on a beaded chain ($525) or faceted gold ball chain ($585) and is available on AaronBasha.com.

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