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Bianca Salonga

It’s interesting to see how individuals during lockdown period are finding creative ways to celebrate and mark special milestones. Special shout outs posted on social media, tribute videos and other small expressions of love done from a distance seem to be the new way by which humankind is creating connections and touching hearts.

As in the past decades and eras, we’ve seen jewelry survive wars, plagues, revolutions and just about every major global change. Apart from it being one of the oldest status symbols, it is also currency that goes beyond boundaries or time. Through the ages, its luster remains unchanged and as such, it remains to be a gift for forever. Beyond the economic market value it continues to hold, jewelry is still one of the most moving ways by which to celebrate and mark special occasions for people we hold dearest—especially during times of crisis..

With mother’s day only a few hours away, a piece of jewelry may be just the thing to truly lift mom’s spirits. Dinner with the family is definitely not an option. There is, of course, the time-and-tested greeting card, breakfast in bed act, which I personally find will go well an enduring token of love to keep close to the heart for always.

UNCOMMON JAMES has an entire section in its e-commerce site just for Moms and everything on there makes for a perfect gift item all year round. Founded and headed by Kristin Cavallari, the label has established a regular clientele of women from across age demographics who have a penchant for pieces that are simple, versatile and affordable (price range is from $29-$&4). Designs are great for wearing both day and night; layered or solo.

Remember when jewelry with the “love” script became all the rage? That was a brainchild of jewelry designer Rosanne Karmes for her LA-based label, SYDNEY EVAN. Working with 14-karat gold, precious and semi precious stones, pieces from the independent fine jewelry label are expressions of spirituality, sentiment, connectedness and good intentions. Themes are usually centered on love, family, protection and good fortune which clients can interpret in their own unique ways through a Create-Your-Own feature on the e-commerce site. It allows one to design their own bracelets, rings, necklaces by choosing charms, chains and scripts.

When it comes to offering a wide range of jewelry styles, you can trust the sister act behind New York based jewelry label, ALEX MIKA, to serve you just that. Founded by siblings Alexa, Michela, Nicole and Natalie, the brand strikes a balance between “city-chic and island getaway ease” allowing clients to mix and match according to mood or season. Personalized necklaces and bangles are immediate favorites from the brand. If you and your siblings are looking to share a gift for mom this year, consider their multi-name necklace, which allows members of the family to etch their names close to the recipient’s heart.

The spirit of giving is what fuels the women behind NOA. During the COVID crisis, the brand gave our gift cards to brides whose weddings were cancelled as well as mothers who’ve had to give birth alone. Their reason for this act of generosity was simple: to bring a smile on someone’s face through jewelry. The same idea applies this Mother’s Day and every day for that matter. The chain sets from NOA are timeless staples that enliven any ensemble especially during stay-at-home season.

If, like me,  you are child of the 90s, then you would have clear recollection of AARON BASHA’s iconic Baby Shoe charms. I remember saving up for my very own piece and how for years, I wore the pendant around my neck like a medal of fashion honor. Fast forward to Mother’s Day during COVID times and this label, so beloved during my coming-of-age years, is once again tugging at the heart strings. The New York-based cult-favorite has reimagined the Evil Eye in blue enamel, lined with sparkling diamonds and set on a red cord band. It is a gift that conveys good intentions for protection and warding off negative energy.

An original by Aaron Basha’s daughter, Regine, the Love Is My Religion Necklace is a piece that resonates with everyone. The team at Aaron Basha describes, “The pendant features the icons representing many of the world’s religions circling a heart cut-out, symbolizing tolerance, love and respect for all.” This moving piece is handmade using gold vermeil and paved with diamonds. Beyond celebrating mom, this is the exact mindset and spirit that each and everyone of us could definitely use.

A revolving closet of designer jewelry is brilliant for mom’s who love to change up their looks every so often. A club membership gift card at luxury accessories rental site, VIVRELLE, will allow members full access to premium fine jewelry and other accessories from brands like Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Hermes, Bvlgari, just to name a few. If buying is not an option just about now, borrowed might just be the best alternative for you.


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